About BeeSpeed

The ideea of BeeSpeed was the technical support gained by the founding members as a "know-how", combined with passion and inteligence...

S.C. BEESPEED AUTOMATIZARI S.R.L. founded in 1994, as a result of the market's needs, is producing modern equipment for variable speed drives (AER) applied to asynchronous motors, through frequency converters in power range starting from 1.1kW to 1MW (and above on request), power distribution equipment (TGD), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), monitoring and automation systems (SPC), process instrumentation.

The company personnel is constituted by specialists in electrical machines and drives, power electronics and automation's fields, able to offer viable solutions to any concrete problem. Starting with industrial process identification to savings from energy recoveries with AER and investment's return time, throughout project implementation, commissioning, warranty, service, BEESPEED has succeeded in misleading in industry a pro-AER atmosphere. Motion control through AER, together with some other top technologies, is a major vector to significant improvements in industrial processes..

From less than 1% power in Romania, to more than 20% in western countries, Variable Speed drives (AER) have a long path to follow in the near future.

The products offered by our company are approved according with the internal and international profile standards, including the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The largest AER equipments series conceived, made and implemented by BEESPEED Automatizari are those especially from pump and fans with variable flow drives, where the economical effects, measured through electrical energy savings, are the most obvious (the investment's recover is between 1-5 years). In addition, there is the structure of these equipments (multi-motor as a rule) - which makes the object of the patent owned by our Company

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